Robbed: A Mother’s rebirth

A film by Stacie McClam that explores Kelley Williams-Bolar who enrolled her daughters into her parents’ school district and unknowingly committed a crime which triggered the fight of her life when she was jailed.  Now she’s on a new journey.

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Kelley Williams-Bolar
Documentary Participant, Mom


As a powerful example of education injustice, this documentary will share the story of Kelley Williams-Bolar before, during, and after the trial that made national headlines in 2011.

Kelley was jailed for enrolling her daughters into her parents’ school district after her home was burglarized.

This case sparked a nationwide education debate. Robbed: A Mother’s Rebirth displays a multi-layered perspective.

Stacie McClam is a filmmaker and former educator who has taught across the United States and abroad.

She is a bestselling author of School Dismissed: Walking Away From Teaching where she describes why she left the teaching profession.

Stacie is directing and producing the film, Robbed: A Mother’s Rebirth, to expose the realities that occur inside the education and criminal justice systems.

Stacie McClam, Director

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